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    Sustainability Initiative offers businesses, agencies, nonprofits and people like you, an environmentally friendly way to keep your electronics in the stream of commerce and out of landfills. Not only will you be helping the environment, you also have the potential to be paid for items such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other electronics, while giving them a new home with people who need them.

About Us

Who is Sustainability Initiative?

We are a local company dedicated to environmental awareness. Part of which includes keeping electronics out of the waste stream. We ensure that any electronics that cannot be remarketed are properly recycled and are never thrown away or shipped overseas.
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"I didn't know my old electronics were worth money!" - George D. - Inventor

"Sustainability Initiative made it so easy! They picked up our unused electronics and paid fast! They even destroyed all the data and provided a Certificate of Destruction!" - Nick Heffron - Entrepreneur

Our Services

  • IT Asset Recovery
  • Data Destruction
  • e-Waste Recycling
  • Product Life Extension
  • Fundraisers